Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Top 5 Test Data Management Challenges Faced In Banking Sector

Banking is one of that sector where everyday life is in a critical range. Keeping the data privacy and protection in mind, banking applications should be tested thoroughly. Searching the relevant as well as broad test data has always been a difficult task and under banking, the situation gets worse due to sensitive and complexity of data. Here, any wrong step can put customers lives in danger.
Let’s get to the situation where banking sectors face severe challenges in test data management.

Let’s get to the situation where banking sectors face severe challenges in Test Data Management.

  • Requirements Of Data Compliances
Banks are bounded by the government laws and their banking standards that are PCI and DSS (Payment Card Industry & Data Security Standard) to keep their customer data encrypted and safe. The process gets more complex when the security standards differ from country to country and are upgraded usually. However, as the increase of cyber attacks including data breaching, government forces banks to set access limitation on production data for cloning purpose. With that much of margins and without any option left, testers have to rely on testing bed’s data which isn’t expansive as production data. 

  • Complexity And Diversity Of Data
From the Initial point, the banking procedures are very much complicated which are compiled with massive data and complex online business criteria integrated with this data. It usually takes ample amount of experience to get familiar with the characters and to know the requirement of every single data which can be synchronized with the correct data for a test case.

  • Intricate Architecture 
Data is frequently managed by legacy system back-end and is distributed to multiple databases across the globe. With different systems like payment process, cards, loyalty, rewards and much more, the data dependencies may very upstream or downstream which can make it more difficult to extract the required data. This problem occurs due to insufficient documentation incorporating with old legacy systems. 

  • Data Modification 
For complex test cases, the relevant data may not be available in the required format in the database. The QA testers will have to re-arrange the data and have implemented business rules to extract the proper required data to execute the test without being failed with data integrity laws.

  • Regression Testing
Whether it’s big or small, every release requires being processed with sufficient regression testing to make sure that the former features should not be broken off with an upcoming functionality. It’s  essential in the matter of banking as if any particular issue arises in production, that could be a danger point for the customers and searching another test data for the complete regression test process is the punctilious and difficult job to do.

Each and every process which take place in banking sector incorporating with legacy and modern system is crucial and to tackle these Test Data Management challenges, you only require well-experienced testing as well as a support team. After all, it’s the matter of loyal customers of banks which are placing all their earning and properties on a reliable trust. 

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