Thursday, 9 November 2017

6 Requirements to Achieve Test and Development Efficiency in the Cloud

At the time of development of the software or managing the test environment, flexibility is one of the core requirement and is the only reason behind the popularity of the cloud. By using appropriate cloud computing, you can take proper advantage of the flexibility of AWS and Azure compute as you gain enterprise-class storage and Test data management which will reduce your consumption of the resources and increase the scaling ability.

While creating the test and development in the cloud, it is necessary to keep various things in mind. These requirements will let you achieve the goal of test and development efficiency in the cloud. Here, in this article, you will find those requirements which arise during the test and development efficiency of the cloud. 

Move on in the article to know more about the requirements:

1) Performance

When your database is on the cloud, you do not need to be worried about the availability of the resource, storage capacity, load management or any other thing. The database itself will perform at the enhanced speed levels to let you achieve the highest cloud computing efficiencies. 

2) Data Protection

With the help of snapshots that are efficient with the storage, you can enable simple recovery and data integrity can be fastened and assured. The data can be protected regardless of the size of the data. Data protection is the necessity for better Test environment as well as development efficiency of the cloud computing.

3) Simpler Management

In order to deploy provision and monitor the cloud storage infrastructure, you must take full advantage of the single management interface. If the management is simple, it is easy to gain the test and development efficiency in the cloud. 

4) Automation

You can use automation to utilize the cloud manager APIs and deploy, configure and manage your cloud environment. Automation is taking place in almost every industry, why to ignore it with cloud computing. 

5) Scale & Growth as Per the Requirement

As and when required, the capacity of the cloud system quickly after the management of the test environment. If the scale and growth are increasing according to the requirement, the process towards the test and development efficiency in the cloud will become simpler and make the Test data management easy to use for the developers as well as the users. 

6) Cost Efficiencies

Reduce the footprint storage of the cloud using the snapshots and avoiding the duplication. With the use of thin provisioning, you can make the process easier.

Fill up these 6 requirements and achieve your goal for the test and development efficiency of the cloud.

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