Friday, 13 October 2017

3 Key Ways to Better Test Data Management - Enov8

Test Data is the process of testing any kind of information that is fed into an application and web. It can be any kind of data may be names, numbers, account numbers, addresses, and a lot more. Having the right data is very important for successful testing of the data. Here, in this article, you will find various ways that will lead you to better test data management in order to achieve best results. 

But, Let me first explain you what is Test data management and why is it necessary?

What is Test Data Management?

Test data management is the process of creating certain data and perform some valid tests and rigorous test cases in order to get better productivity of the software. 

Why is Test Data Management Necessary?

We need the test data management for making the applications quickly. A perfectly managed test environment always lead you to better software creation. Test data management streamlines the entire process of developing and testing of the application and hence make it easier for the developers and the testers to make it perfect.

Key #1: Analyze the Test Data

This is probably the most fundamental task to be done for having a Test data management, it is necessary to analyze the data that you are having on hand. You might be having your data on various systems, but firstly you need to identify which of the data should be used for testing and you can identify them on the basis of the test cases. For this, you may require some tool in order to consider the data that is required. This will make the management of the entire test data easier than doing it without analyzing.

Key #2: Protecting the Sensitive Data is Must

The sensitive data is the weakest point on your website. A perfect testing requires usage of the real data which is hidden to secure the sensitive parts of the data. There are certain new regulations that make it hard to protect the sensitive data. You need to have a strong plan to protect your sensitive data before it can cause any damage to the website.

Key #3: The Test Data Should be Delivered on Demand

The test data must be built in such a way that it can be reused easily and quickly. Data which will be shared from the central repository tends to maximize the value of the data that is to be tested. Data sets, after storing it as reusable assets can be provisioned to multiple test teams on demand. Once provision is done, the test teams can be allowed to test from multiple versions at a time. Testing can also be done on the web based portal by requesting and receiving the test data. 

These are the ways which can lead you to the better Test data management.

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